Welcome to my story of ceramics and articrafts inspired by The Sea of Archipelago

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As the weight on my shoulders was enough my hands and mind created a story of Anchor necklace, which has, during the years, stabilized my life’s story towards creative inspirations and at the same time brought new meanings and directions to the currents of my life.

There is always hope, trust and love are the main elements of my story. The deeper thoughts of those values inspired me to express my mental landscape and experiences via articraft.

“Hope” anchor necklace was born while thinking about the meaning of fear in my life.

The experience of being almost drowned in my childhood is still strong in my thoughts as a part of the mysticism of underwater world. While sailing in rough waters and strong winds the same fear crabs my mind and the freedom of sailing changes to unpleasant feeling.

“Hope” anchor necklace represents hope and conquering the feeling of fear and surviving of the unpleasant experiences of the past.

The Lighthouse “Muistomajakka” represents memories of the the lighthouses that were destroyed or bombed in Finnish coast as well as it represents the lost time and the lost way of living surrounded by the sea. During the wars people who lived in the lighthouse islands lost their homes and at the same time their way of living practiced for decades.

“Life buoy” -necklace reflects thankfulness for those people saving lives in harsh weather conditions in the sea. The existence of SAR-organizations creates feeling of security and thankfulness in the moment of emergency. The necklace is ceramics and it wishes safety and responsibility for the seafarers.

“Tear of the sailor” necklace expresses the many tears of sorrow, which give comfort and support in difficult times. The experience of downgrading or losing something important in life lives strongly in these articrafts and takes effect to its bearer, brings joy and simple strength of beauty.

“Freedom” sailing boat necklace has got its inspiration of the feeling that can only reach in the nature harbors’ smooth rocks shadows. Taking a moment to anchor in one’s own feeling and to contemplate it gives strength and meaning in one’s journey.

“Love” heart necklace are also ceramics. There is always hope! Trust and love! While I sculpt, I often think of people who have, along the way, brought love and meaning to my life. I have named them as the hearts of my life, that will keep on beating as long as there is memory and recollection.

“Forever child” – necklace carries strong emotions and losses. Feeling of letting go and alongside of that it carries the power that will keep you going. When my son Roope was born I was given a cross-necklace while I was still in the hospital. As a confirmation gift my son Roope got a cross as well, which he carries still everyday around his neck. My latest cross sculptings have been very dear to him as he describes them as the most successful products of my production.

The meaning of trust, hope and love lives through my articraft!